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Inspire Niagara

Posted by Greenfamworld on March 11, 2016 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (5)

The snow had finally melted and my kids had to be freed! This past week was our chance! We packed the kids up and decided to enjoy the beautiful weather, go for a walk, get some supper.

BUT of course being a family of 5 + An extra friend this particular day!*, It is never that easy....


The plan: We had to get gas, I wanted to grab a tea, and hubby had to run into the dollarstore. which means one thing, We all are going to the dollar store.


Side note: (I did have to grab some candy for our Helping Hands School Project* :) So I decided this was a good opportunity.)


We get to the Dollarama ... Of course the proper visual is a stampede of small rabbits running into the store, bounding up and down, all over the place, touching everything their hands can grab....


Side note: I really need to get that portable recorder!... How easy that would be press play "no", press play "no", press play "no", (Maybe we will stick a) "put that down" in there (and a) "hands to yourself" too ;)......


This particular day I caved, I told them if they can find something really cool for a dollar I will get it for them.

So Off they went scowering the dollarama!

My oldest showing me a car that was labelled $3.00 I said "Nope that isnt a dollar." Then he found another car $1.25 "I answered "we already have a bin of cars anyways".


Then their friend brought me a cheaply made bow and arrow, I answered "oh yah... Im sure your parents would love me... no"... and chuckled.


I kept reminding them, we were already taking them somewhere special for dinner, so it needed to be something good.


I hit that point when my oldest brought me some sort cheap plastic wand, just out of pure desperation, just to buy him something. I saw it in all their eyes!

I just looked at Hunter.. "Hunter all this candy, is for kid's Easter baskets. Remember these kids wouldnt get anything, we need to help them!

I gave you an opportunity to find something that was a dollar and really neat, but that doesnt mean you have to get something. Just Imagine having nothing?"

Of course this is a normal conversation in our home.

It took a few minutes, but he did take it in and agree....

We made it out paying for all the candy, Geoff got, what he had to get.

When somewhere between the store and the entrance, we ran into a little boy. As hunter pointed out he was about the same age as my youngest approximately 2years old, maybe a bit younger. Right away the kids were surrounding the buggy the mom was 18-20 years old she happily told us he was her first and he was her life. He was giggling and talking a little bit to my kids and their friend.


When (Hunter) My very observant and very innocent but outspoken son :) loudly said "he doesnt have a sock on or shoe?"

The boy had one shoe in the buggy, one sock still on, and the other sock gone along with the other shoe.... The mom started frantically looking, we of course helped. We even followed her steps back. the kids loved the mystery...

In this 4-7 minutes She shared with us that he did this often, and it is so hard to buy shoes for him, he keeps losing them, they are so expensive, she didnt have another pair, but she was happy she had his blanket from earlier. This was all small talk, not to get pity, Just conversation, and frusteration on her part.

Parent's know how ridiculous it is to buy a baby shoes, sometimes it is more then an adult shoe! Then I was pulled aside by Hunter..

"Momma I talked to the other kids, can we all use each of our dollar and buy her some new socks and shoes for him. Maybe we can buy 4 pairs? We have a dollar each and there is 4 of us $4.00 is alot of money, is that a good thing to buy? She doesnt have shoes or socks, just like the kids with no Easter?

My heart melted!!!! that feeling of a hand patting on my shoulder from above! Maybe they really are learning things :) ... (Of course tears are rolling down my eyes at this point :)

With huge glee I say "I think we can go do that Hunter, :) That sounds like the best way to spend that money, doesnt it?"

2016 some events.......

Posted by Greenfamworld on January 10, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Niagara Region Helping Green ELFS are

EXTREMELY THRILLED to Announce 2016:


AND Our 5th annual Christmas Shop Free event is officially Saturday November 26th 2016 Allanburg Community Center!!!!!!!!!!!




FREE clothing event is booked at Holy Trinity Church 77 Division St., Welland

Saturday October 1st 10am-noon!!!!!!!





Free Community potluck picnic!!


Weather pending:

Satuday May 28th

saturday June 25th

Saturday July 23rd

Saturday August 20th 2016



FREE T-BALL and ball Hockey starts soon!!!!! All over Niagara region!

Registrations are on these pages: follow links!


A lovely message from adopter!!!

Posted by Greenfamworld on December 16, 2015 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Message from adopter:

We have adopted 2-4 families a year for the past 3 years. Our family really looks forward to helping out. We do this for the families, but we do it for us too. We gain so much from the experience, it brings us closer as a family just picking up the gifts, picking out the family.

I wanted to share my favorite drop off moment, I felt it was fitting to share.

Last year We met one of our families outside of their house, I still remember it clearly, it was a very large home downtown on a busy street with a good dozen mail boxes along the wall. We got out , I gave her a bag of toys and some treats.

I quickly explained a few gifts that were labelled, and a few for her too. I dont think she said a word. I always remembered hearing a muffled thanks.

I never even gave it another thought, I was content.

Until we drove away my husband mentioned did you notice the woman barely made eye contact with us? To be quite frank he was very put off he said flat out, "well that was rude".

Then I realized it! The 3 year old boy's main gift was on the floor of my car! I said we have to go back, that poor kid!

I just said I will go, just stay here to husband. I went inside followed the original directions and knocked on the door.

The woman answered, mascara all down her face, eyes red, clearly she was balling her eyes out. She looked at me and said she was so embarrassed, I should not see her like that. She told me she tried so hard to choke it down and she could not even look at us, that it was such an awful year ect ect. It was a brief, but one special moment. One I will never forget!

This is why We are Green Elves!

LOVED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poverty Isnt Always Visible

Posted by Greenfamworld on November 20, 2015 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I just wanted to take a minute to reflect on something important.


Poverty isnt always visible, I cant say this enough. And yes there are people who spend their money unwisely, Maybe we wouldnt agree to it. IT sadly happens, but it isnt the children's fault, no matter what. Yes there are people who dont care, they figure they will get the help. And there are many people in poverty and they hide it and they dont talk about it. There are so many circumstances. Too many circumstances to take them all in.

I just wanted to take a moment. Because sometimes you just have a circumstance where they have a nice home, where they have a nice car. It is difficult.

Here is a story I wanted to share, there was a lovely girl, I talked to about a week ago. She has normally adopted with us, for the past 2 years actually..

Last week she came to me because Her husband lost his job under a month ago. she works, but like many not full time as it is near impossible in her field, for many years.. she can just do what she can, and take any shift she can. They are worried and wondering if they should and could sell their home* and move with their mother in law.... Not that this is what they would want, Especially with so many kids. But it is on their mind... If they would even get enough to sell their home and pay things off... She shared alot of info and things they had to cancel cut back, take kids out of their extra curriculum activities.... then came the question about being possibly adopted. She was very embarrassed, just to talk to me about it.

I told her that is what we are here for. and at the end of the conversation she said I figured my kids deserve this, they deserve something.

My point of course is poverty is invisible.

Most* people are embarrassed to accept help. Or to admit they are getting help.

Sometimes they dont know what to say when an adopter comes to the door.. Something can be going on behind the scenes, we cant be a fly on the wall..

I have delivered to sooo many families and I hear some wonderful heart felt stories about inviting them in and big hugs, tears.... Thankfull ness ++++....

Just the whole warming story...

Truth is it doesnt happen like that all the time. Trust me when I say I wish they always opened the door with graciousness, Loving appreciating words! And sent us loving caring thankful words to all their adopter for all to see online. I think everyone who recieves help should be considerate. I dont like to ever hear they never thanked me.... Have you heard anything yet from my family? and nothing....... Especially since this isnt something impersonal, We do this out of our own caring heart. We deliver them. our self.

No one has to help,But they help, because they want too. Because we want to make a difference. Make sure kids dont go without gifts.

BUT We also have to look at their side of view. Families are embarrassed, Families dont know what to say all the time in person, Yes people can be shy. Sometimes this is taken as snobby, sometimes the adopter has high expectations for the kindness they have done (which again I think they should .. because it is above and beyond) But there are reasons.. Hey sometime families not too long ago, were on the other scale of this end (helping) and now finding themselves in need to get help..

They have been selling important things, just to pay off bills, using resources to not lose everything.

No matter how much pride one has, People do need help from time to time, there is nothing wrong with that.

Helping is a hard job! We all want the stuff to go to a gracious and thankful family. sometimes it is shown behind doors and we dont see it.

Maybe reading this families being adopted can think about this smile emoticon a thank you, just a bit more. Maybe a card a nice message to the Green ELFS with the Family # goes along way.. think about this when you are receiving your gifts!

and Adopters same for you smile emoticon alot of pondering here.... smile emoticon to think about!

I can say 80-85%% of the families live in co-ops or apartment buildings or homes with many apartments in them. Or with other people, That are not in any better of a place.

We have had alot of shelters lately too, and we do get probably 20% referrals from schools, fire department, sometimes doctors in total... Most of them are in Low income housing. But we never judge. We just cant.

Majority of our families need real things like coats, socks, underwear, clothes, blankets (Necessities) because they have little...... Or they need it. some are just looking for that extra present, because maybe they cant give alot.

This is a hard job to do. and many people are in need. Sometimes you cant read a book by its cover and sometimes people do take advantage of the system... In any system, in any organization.

All we can do is put it in God's hands and let him figure that out. He can not judge and It isnt our job to figure it out. I cant say enough what a hard job this is.

sincerely Lisa Green

FYI Families who apply

Posted by Greenfamworld on November 3, 2015 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Just a Reminder to our families who have applied for our program.

Our Main rules you have agreed to:

No Double Dipping:

As a family who applies with us you have a responsibility to not apply or, ask for help on any free site on Facebook or kijiji or craigslist +++++ No other online program facebook adoption, Christmas help site +++++++++ We exchange names to prevent this. Please dont let us see you asking for help you will be moved indefinitely from our program and possibly theres. Last year was pretty good .. BUT We still had to cancel 2 people's applications... and let down 2 adopters, one was a business who adopted.

However you are more then welcome to come to Our 4th Annual Shop Free event and Food drive as well.


If you have applied, Make sure you email me back* To ensure your application to be processed. Please check spam/junk and find it.

Add [email protected] to your contact list to ensure proper communication.


Myself and a few volunteers will be arranging deliveries starting December 1st thru the 10th Deliveries will be NO LATER then December 12th. Stay tuned for more info.


Some extra Info: Our Adopted Families are invited to our 4th Annual Shop Free event and food drive It is an awesome day! Lots of fun for the kids! Register a time slot http://helpinggreenelfs.webs/


Please kindly like and follow our FB Page if you arent already


FYI Why not ALSO Be a good person keep us in mind.

Families who get adopted* can help too!!!*** ANYONE CAN HELP :::::::

#1 We are collecting gently used TOYS of all ages, dvds all ages, board games, puzzles, costume jewelry, mugs, ties ++++ for our 4th Annual Shop Free event. and food drive. COLLECTING NOW!!!! Before November 25th OR at the hall drop off November 28th only.

#2 Volunteer for our Christmas shop free event and Food drive November 28th All ages welcomed! email us for more info!

# 3 ALSO We collect poptabs, beer tabs, soup tabs..

#4 ALSO looking for volunteers that knit, crochet, loom, sew to make gloves, mittens hats, scarves, cowls unisex for adults for homeless. ALSO Gently used and new are welcomed too!

#5 ALSO You are invited to help adopt a family younger then yours!

#6 Come sing at the retirement home christmas carols and hand out cards with us!

#7 Have your kids make a bunch of homemade Christmas cards!

Christmas isnt about getting IT is about giving, Loving Sharing ++!!!

Be an adopter with us and learn more about our Programs!


Ps. Remember families, you agreed in your application;

We take the help from our adopters very seriously.

This year we are making it mandatory to thank the adopter. Or we will not accept you next time. We know everyone is busy, and gets busy..... But no-one, doesnt like getting a thank least a quick thanks. Even if you thank them in person.. Please take that extra mandatory step to email [email protected] in December after you get our gift(s)with your family # and nice message . Remember no-one has to do this, They do it because they want to.

Ready for Year#5 of Family Free T-Ball!!!!!

Posted by Greenfamworld on June 10, 2015 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (0)

We are READY for Drop in FREE Family Fun T-ball !!!!!!!

FREE Registration in Welland and St.Catharines is opened!!!!


Dont forget to mark on your calendar 6:00pm!

Niagara Region Helping Green ELFS Programs

Posted by Greenfamworld on April 16, 2015 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)


Niagara Region Helping Green ELFShttp://helpinggreenelfs.webs.comFB

4th Annual Family Free Shopping Event and Food drive: Remember to register your time slot at Awesome time: Santa, Free face paint, crafts, treats, live music, free raffle table and bring your non perishable food items for the local food bank and shop for awesome items. Free wrapping station. Lots of fun for the kids to shop for their family! Parents can too!We take donations between October and November

Christmas and Easter Adoption program.We have “Adoptions” For local families in need. Niagara RegionWe are the middle man and only connect individuals and families in need to individual or group volunteers that adopt* * volunteers collect items, wrap and deliver them to those in need.We Welcome regular people, other organizations, clubs and businesses to come adopt a family for the holiday. Including dropping the gift off to the family them self. We encourage gifts to be gently used, creative, homemade, home baked, thoughtful gifts, new is welcomed too.The adopter delivers directly to the family. We adopt out families and seniors in need. We typically adopt over 120 families out + *

Schools Helping Hand Program:Easter: We collect new and new looking stuffies and books (ages 6-12) + Individually wrapped candies, stickers, tattoos, bubbles, small toys including McDonalds, hair things,for Easter baskets.. These baskets are made and given out to schools to hand out to their low income students in need.andChristmas: ALSO We collect new toys under $5.00 that are AWESOME OR new looking toys for Christmas to bring to schools, They are given to their low income families in need.

Shoe Box Project:Building shoe boxes filled with things for the kids in 3rd world countries!

Christmas Adult support :We collect little things yearly with homemade cards and give them to seniors and adults in supportive living homes for Christmas.

Pop tabs program:We collect pop tabs, beer tabs, soup tabs, tuna tabs....... Help us collect them! All our things go to March Of Dimes Niagara. To bring a smile on local Niagara disabled peoples faces!

Free family drop in T-ball:Welland And St.CatharinesJoin our page for start up dates and locations! (5th year running!) We provide everything. Parents must stay and be incharge of their own kids! Please wear runners!Everyone is invited!

Birthday Program:Here is a bit of info about our Birthday Program ..We do not accept the same family over and over again. Even if it is other kids*..only accept 1-2 applications a month... This is for help! NOT a freebie shopping service. All our donation vary based on donations and certainly can be gently used things!!! We also accept adopters for birthdays as well. Thank you

Make A Bike Wish:Make a Bike wish is for a family who is truly in need. These are donated used bikes through our junk contract. They may not be perfect but we fixed them up to the best of our knowledge and capability.We are happy to pass on a bike for a child who truly needs one! Please apply

Free Clothing Drive:Dont forget to bring your non perishable food donations for the food bank! 904 S Pelham rd Welland Saturday September 5th 2015 10am-1pmWE Need warm clothing, [email protected] OR Call Lisa 9057352680Volunteers Welcomed September 4th and 5

Winter Warmth Box:We have boxes around Niagara Region in winter for people to take if they need something warm. We have a team of knitters, crocheters, loomers and we accept new and gently used hats. Scarves, mitts, hats... Presently during winter @Public libraries near you! Welland downtown + Central St.Catharines

Little Free Library:Presently 1 Bishop rd (facing Churchill rd) Welland Take a book Leave a book; Also puzzles and games.

Collect Canadian Tire money We collect Canadian Tire money this money helps go towards wrapping paper, tape, treats and gifts for things that we do!

alcohol emptiesWe collect empty beer, wine, spirits Canadian** cans + bottles .. This money helps go towards gifts for schools, things that we need thru out the events that we hold.

Sports for kids


We are now donating sporting goods to Kidzcanhelp a non profit organization.. They pass them on to kids free!


What we collect:We collect new and new looking toys, clothes all sizes and ages, trinkets, dvds, costume jewelry, board games, computer games, video games, puzzles, books and magazines especially kids + teens .. sporting goods,

Nothing is sold that is donated to us! We make sure they are given to people within Niagara Region



We Hold free events and clubs * visit website or Facebook page for more details

Examples of Family Baskets

Posted by Greenfamworld on February 22, 2015 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (1)

JUST an example of our family basket!!!

pancake mix (just add water) $1.00 (I bought o sale!!)

syrup $1.00 I bought on sale!!

bag of potatoes $2.99

loaf of bread $1.89

I threw in individual apple sauces and individual oatmeal packages + little cereal boxes! All things I had.

eggs $2.10

packaged dole peach fruit packages on sale

for $1.00

peanut butter $1.99 o sale at Giant tiger I bought.

Heart chocolates 2 packages I bought half off .50cents each and recess hearts 54cents each


+ Homemade jar of jam! smile emoticon


about 8 colouring books I bought at te thrift store and crayons that werent used.. 1 bundle cost 75cents!

and I had TMNT bubble bath unopened and TMNT puzzle gently used.

+ gently used video games for their system!


Check out our families

Gently used hats

JUST some examples of the Family Baskets***

drum stick chicken $4.13

loaf of bread $1.89

can of corn .89

2 frozen cans of juice .89 total

2 bags of rice + noodles (side kicks) .99cents each.

a few individual apples sauces I threw in

a tub of yogurt 1.49

no name bear paw box 1.49

8 gently used colouring books and crayons that I picked up at thrift store* not used though

a story to read

box of wooden puzzles

little people play boat and musical Daniel tiger stuffie. bubble bath hat + mitts (All gently used that I had**** In great shape)

JUST EXAMPLES!!!!! Check out our families

4th Annual Shop Free event!!!! NEW LOCATION

Posted by Greenfamworld on January 15, 2015 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

4th Annual FREE Family Christmas Shopping Event.

PLEASE NOTE: We are happy to announce our new location for 2015*

New bigger and more central location!

The Allanburg Community center was a much bigger and we hope centrally located * (IT is by the Drive in) A great connection from everywhere in Niagara Region.

That will fit this growing event, last year having more then 450 families registered. This location we hope will bring even more people!

ALSO this hall was much more affordable we cut the cost by more** then double .. going from 250(old hall)- $100$***

This event will be ran the same awesome way, and everything will still be free! :) Collecting food for the local food bank yet again!! :)


Event runs 2:00pm-5:00pm


Also We would like to thank Ken's Salvage Co. Ltd.

310 Allanburg Rd. Thorold, ON L2V 1A4 who has offered to take care of this hall costs for us :) for at least the next 2 years!!! What wonderful angels :) They dont just support with money :) They also were their as a family volunteering at 2014 events and will likely be here for 2015 too!! A big thanks for your support!


PLEASE invite your friends and family even strangers to this event!! :) Feel free to print out this flyer and bring it to your schools, hang it n your businesses, on community boards!!!!!

We wll be collecting gently used toys, trinkets, dvds, board games, clothes of all sizes October and November up to the day** Please contact Lisa 9057352680 if you can help or email [email protected]


We also need storage!

We will also need drop off locations

We will also need donations

PU volunteers :)

and volunteers for the day November 28th 8am-noon and 1:30-clean up approx 6:00-6:30pm