Welcome to Helping Green ELFS
                            Ever Loving Family's Support Team!!!!

The 5th Annual Free Christmas Event is Cancelled
I am very sorry to announce during the almost cancelled note*** We just didnt get the response we needed....

We appreciate any things we got.. and I think we would have gotten more toys and stuff .. This event cannot function without the volunteers, without the funding, without the physical support .....

Unfortunately We had more people signing up for this event.. over 78 more people**** which brought the counts to well well** over 2,000 people planning to attend.... We likely would have had more If I didnt close up the webforms.......:(

We had 3 comments to volunteer... Only 1 actually messaged us privately. ... We needed 50 ++....
I appreciate the offer for the basement storage...
But with all this against us.. and still not gaining funding help... or have a transportation truck (Last year we had 26 foot truck) We needed it for the day before, the day of and the morning of the day after...

We appreciate the few people who stepped up to offer help and resourcing...

This was truly a difficult decision...
I hope that people who have donations.. consider adopting a family through our program where we encourage all gently used things, homebaked and new things.....
Because people who are in need typically need more and appreciate it.
I hope to fill a few families needs for Christmas this year...
I really hope and encourage you as well.....

We collect Pop, Beer and soup tabs
Events up + coming!

FREE BALL HOCKEY Welland Registration is up:https://www.facebook.com/events/610682709086280/

FREE T-ball In Niagara Falls Registration is up:

FREE T-ball in Welland Registration is up:https://www.facebook.com/events/1905674539659537/?active_tab=posts

St.Catharines will be up sometime soon! Stay tuned...

 Free drop in Ball hockey!  Register :https://www.facebook.com/TeeBallCoach?fref=ts (Welland)
Free T-ball (St.Kitts, Welland and Niagara Falls)
Register: https://www.facebook.com/BallhockeyTeamELFS/?fref=ts

Come join us for Old McDonald had a Picnic Party! with Niagara Region Helping Green ELFS and we want to welcome  the talented Farmer*;) Carly to our Old Mcdonald Picnic team! She will be doing the sing along portion of this fun day!

And The Green ELFS 

will be finishing things off with:


Free craft

PLUS story time!

PLUS PRIZES for best dressed farmers and farm animals!!!

A Big Thank you to Harmony Yoga & Music Studio specializes in music and yoga classes for young children Including private music lessons at 3 years +.
Thank you Harmony Yoga & Music Studio www.carlymanley.com
ALSO Check them out and Like them on FBhttps://www.facebook.com/harmonyyogaandmusic/

Harmony Yoga & Music Studio in st.Catharines is offering one of the prizes for our best dressed farmers and farm animals.... A 30 minute private music lesson or voucher for a drop in class of their choice!!! So get those farmer hats on and overalls it will be a BLAST!

See you all Saturday September 3rd at 11:30am Happy Rolphs Playground! Bring a lunch and a snack to share!
Parents must stay and be in charge of their own kids. This is just one giant meet and greet playdate at Happy Rolphs. Sing along, craft and games with The Green ELFS crew and Of course Harmony Yoga and Music Studio!
Limited spots please register [email protected]

Donation are super appreciated: Adult* winter hats, scarves, mittens, gloves (gently used, homemade or new!)

Sooooooo honored and happy to announce the Tiger Athletics (Niagara Cheerleading team) Will be coming out to Our Free community Picnic Saturday August 20th for 5:00!!!!!
We are looking forward to this amazing show!!!!!
They plan on a We could do a 15-20min demo at 4:30 and at 6:00pm
The program will include a little show case demo by some of their athletes,
Than a word from the owner about how they help young females in the community
And then a fun fit time where we will be encouraging everyone who wants to join in and learn a cheer and get some exercise!!
and wrap it up with a Song everyone knows how to dance too (like the YMCA!!!!) ALL Our events are FREE and FUN our goal is to get everyone up off their feet!
Thank you Tigers We look forward to the fun!!!!!!
Saturday August 20th 4:30pm Merritt Island Bring a chair or blanket! Some cutlery, plates mugs and cups... and a dish to share if you can Not mandatory. ‪#‎GoTeamELFS‬ ‪#‎WellandFNB‬ ‪#‎Welland‬ ‪#‎Itsallgoodwelland‬ 

We hold monthly FREE meals at Merritt Island Park in Welland 4:30pm
Saturday July 23rd
Satuday August 20th

    We run this Food Not Bombs Welland chapter***  We invite volunteers to bring food to share if you can.... Everyone is Welcomed!    http://foodnotbombswelland.webs.com/

Our FREE Clothing drive is at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Welland 

October 1st 10:00am-1:00pm (No early birds)  https://www.facebook.com/events/129944087383121/

5th Annual Shop Free Food drive!  Everyone is welcomed 2016  
Saturday November 26th 

Remember we are collecting pop tabs please save them for us!
We are also saving education labels 
AND fundraising for the Green ELFS:
Empty alcohol bottles + cans
Scrap metal and E Waste!

We are collecting used, working bikes ages 4-12 for low income kids in schools, they are being referred to us!

Alcohol wine bottle drive

We will continuously start collecting empty alcohol bottles and empty wine bottles!! :) to help raise money for our 4th annual Christmas shopping experience!  Please email [email protected] for drop off locations, or to volunteer to be a drop off!  THANK YOU

Dont forget we have a Birthday Program to help families We give (Preloved working, clean gifts)

Dont Forget about our winter warmth boxes, We take new, Gently used + clean and homemade mittens, gloves, scarves, hats, cowls, socks 
Drop off Downtown: Welland, St.Catharines and Niagara Falls

We collect old small trophies and medals for our free t-ball!  Any sport is welcomed!!!

We collect gently stained ripped, clothing, material for sew new!!!!  A group who reuses and makes beautiful again!

We collect all gently used baby stuff and maternity things for a teen prenatal group :) woman under 23 yrs of age!